Resources are available through Catholic Cemeteries & Mortuaries – check the library list at this link (link to resource library).  Other places which provide reasonably priced resources include:

Centering Corporation
 7230 Maple Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68134
(866) 218-0101
(402) 553-1200
Excellent books for the bereaved and caregivers.  Ask for their catalogue and receive a copy of their quarterly newsletter.

The Compassionate Friends
PO Box 3696
Oak Brook, IL 60522
An international network of support groups for bereaved parents and siblings.

Hope for the Bereaved, Inc.
4500 Onondage Boulevard
Syracuse, New York 13219
Office:  (315) 475-9675
Helpline:  (315) 475-4673


Check our listing of online resources available, listed by category, to assist with grief.



Recommended Reading


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Colville, Bruce.  My Grandfather’s House.  Bridgewater Books:  New York.  1996.

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