Personal Assistance

As a Catholic, what would you do if you had to select a cemetery or funeral home today?

  • Look for people who are dedicated to personal service.
    The place you select must meet exacting standards, those of you and your family. The people there must have a dedication to personal service and a reputation for attending to each detail and every family need.
  • Do they respect your right to make decisions?
    The staff knows how to help you and members of your family make your own decisions about services and arrangements. You must be able to trust the funeral director and know that he will help you and members of your family make the right decisions without intruding or rushing you.
  • Will they be there when you need them?
    The cemetery or funeral staff should always be available. Time and timing can get blurred during the planning of a funeral. You need someone whose principle concern is to be on hand when you need them. At the same time they should respect your need for privacy.

  • Are costs explained completely?
    The funeral director is required by law to automatically provide you with complete and detailed price lists, as well as itemized estimates in advance of any decisions. Your friends will tell you that the costs set at the start makes all other decisions easier.

  • Is there a range for you to choose from?
    Both cemetery and funeral home must have the depth of resources and merchandise so as not to put unnecessary limits on your wishes. Be certain that you have sufficient options when it comes to selecting property, caskets, vaults, monuments and other items because the greater the options the better you are able to personalize the service and make decisions about budget.

  • Turn to The Catholic Heritage Plan for the highest standards of service.
    Our cemeteries and funeral home have established the highest standards of service. Our reputation for providing the finest people and professional services has caused more families to turn to us more than ever before. We believe that high standards are important to you and your family. When you select a Catholic Heritage Plan location, you will know that your high standards will be met.

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