Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral Questions

Can a mortuary assist me with Social Security benefits and Veterans’ Death Benefits?

  • Absolutely, in most cases we can help initiate the entire process with the deceased Social Security Number and DD214 (military discharge paperwork)

Can I make my funeral arrangements before I die?

  • Click on our "Planning Ahead” icon to request more information.  Nearly all funeral decisions and cemetery wishes can be captured in our “Memorial Estate Planning Guide” or “Preparing a Catholic Funeral” booklet.  Each is a separate group of planning measures that once selected and prepaid, will freeze the cost of these products and services.  Not every program can do this.  But, our “Catholic Heritage Plan” does all of this and more.

How many types of caskets exist and why are some more expensive than others?

  • There are four basic categories of casket:  composite, steel, wood, semi-precious metal.  Factors that affect price include thickness and type of steel or metal.  Design of exterior and fabric interior, wood type and finish will all dictate price, as will quality of construction and origin of workmanship add to these differences.  There are several manufacturers with hundreds of models to choose from.

How much does a funeral cost?                    

  • The cost of a funeral depends on the type of service and casket/urn chosen.  You may customize your service by selecting individually priced services from our general price list, or, by selecting one of our service plans where those decisions have already been made.  All that would be left to decide on with the selection of a service plan is the type of casket or urn that would be used and any outside expense items such as death certificates, obituaries, flowers and motor escort.  Complete service plans start at $2,580.00, steel caskets and urns begin at $995.00 and $95.00 respectively.

Is everything included in the price given to me by the mortuary?

  • With a little information from you during any inquiry, we can let you know exactly what expenses can be expected from Queen of Heaven Mortuary.  Many questions surround things such as clergy, copies of death certificates, flowers, special hairdressing or cosmetic requests, etc.  all will affect the total price.

What is embalming and is it necessary before services are held?

  • Embalming is a process where by blood of the deceased individual is replaced with an embalming fluid.  This is required with most situations, however there are exceptions.  Check with your Queen of Heaven Mortuary Associate to determine if your specific needs will require this process.

Do Catholic Cemeteries accept cremated remains?

  • Your Catholic Cemeteries will accept cremated remains on the day of interment.  Contact your Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Cemeteries for further clarification.

Can we have a viewing/wake service with a cremation?

  • There are many options available for services combined with a cremation.  Check with your Queen of Heaven Mortuary Associate to discuss your specific needs.

What is cremation?

  • Cremation is the process whereby the deceased’s body is consumed by fire as a form of final disposition. Other forms of disposition closely associated to cremation, are calcination, which is consumption of the body by intense heat, or resomation, which is a newer process not yet approved by the church where the body is consumed by chemical.

What is the proper name for these remains?

  • In any of the above described methods, “cremated remains” is the proper name for these remains.

Are there advantages to buying burial space before my family actually needs it?

  • The advantages for the prepurchasing of burial or entombment property are numerous, the least of which  being its position as a gift of love to our survivors that in many cases cant be appreciated fully until the day we must use it.

Can someone who committed suicide be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

  • Yes

Do I have to pay a monthly maintenance fee?

  • No

How do I pay for my burial arrangements?

  • Contact Mr. Gray at (602) 267-1329 for information on our many, affordable monthly payment programs.

If I move after purchasing, can I get a refund?

  • Partial refunds or credits on pre-arrangement purchases are possible.  In certain situations please review the guidelines in our rules and regulations section of this website.

If I’m divorced and remarried can I be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

  • Yes

Is there any chance my grave will be re-sold after a specified number of years?

  • No.  Your purchase to do a particular burial or inurnment stays with you or your estate.

Should I buy space for the entire family?

  • In many cases purchasing a family estate with multiple spaces in that plot makes very good sense.  By purchasing several now, you can insure that family members will remain in close proximity to one another awaiting the resurrection together.

Should I choose a crypt or a grave?

  • Most people are unaware that in many cases mausoleum entombment makes better sense because it can be less costly than traditional ground burial.

What kind of monument can I purchase?

  • DoPCCM offers a large variety of flat lawn markers in bronze and granite.  We also have a wide array of upright monuments from which to choose.

Who can be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

  • Currently, anyone that abides by all rules and regulations of the DoPCCM.

Why should Catholics be buried in a Catholic Cemetery?

  • Burial in sacred ground awaiting the resurrection together as Catholics while our souls are prayed for daily should be the goal of all followers, believers and practitioners of the faith.



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