Decoration Policy

The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Phoenix have the obligation and responsibility to all Owners of Burial Rights to maintain and preserve the appearance of its Cemeteries. The following Rules and Regulations are made in the best interest of the Oweners of Burial Rights, of those who may visit loved ones and of the Cemeteries.

All Cemeteries EXCEPT Holy Redeemer

Scheduled clean up dates in 2014 are January 14, April 7, July 7, and October 6.

  1. Flowers are permitted only in vases approved by the Cemetery. All flowers in ground level, invertible vases are permitted throughout the year. Placement of decorations for special days (Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day, and All Souls Day) may be placed seven (7) days before those days and are deemed removable by the Cemetery seven (7) days after. The only exception to this will be the holiday of Christmas when decorations are permitted immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday with removal the second (2nd) week of January. All wreaths or other decorations must be on an easel, or sound support, which can be moved for suitable trmming around the Memorial. The Cemetery shall not be responsible or liable for decorations not removed by the Burial Right Owner or visitors after the removal date occurs.
  2. Placing potted flowers, plants, summer wreaths, or baskets on Graves are only permitted on special days as listed above in "A". The digging of holes for any purpose whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
  3. The Cemetery shall have the authority to removal all decorations, floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants or herbage of any kind from the Cemetery as soon as, in the judgment of the management, they become unsightly, dangerous, oversized, detrimental, or diseased, or when they do not conform to the standards maintained. Floral arrangements that are not in plastic or metal containers will be removed by Cemetery personnel and discarded. Glass containers, balloons, pinwheels, candles, metal cans or any type of decoration that would be considered dangerous to visitors and our maintenance personnel will not be permitted. These items will be removed and discarded immediately.
  4. The Cemetery shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, or frames in which or to which floral pieces are attached, beyond the acceptance of such floral pieces for the funeral services held at the Cemetery.
  5. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for frozen plants or herbage of any kind or for plants damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals, or by causes beyond its control.
  6. The Cemetery reserves the right to prevent the removal of any flower, floral designs, wreaths, shrubs, plants or herbage of any kind.
  7. No planting of flowers, bushes, shrubs, or trees by the Owner will be permitted, unless special Permission is given in writing by the Executive Director.
  8. Removal of all floral arrangements, including those that are in the prescribed vase units, decorations, plants, shrubs, herbage will take place at certain specified times during the year for the purpose of a complete maintenance clean up of the Cemetery. The dates for the general Cemetery clean up are posted in the office. During the general clean up, the only floral arrangements, decorations, plants, shrubs, herbage permitted will be those that are placed for the purpose of a Burial and Funeral service. None of these items will be placed on the lots, graves, or vase units during the specific times of year designated for maintenance.
  9. All floral, plant, shrub, herbage receptacles must be approved by the Cemetery management.
  10. Fresh flowers are not permitted in the enclosed Mausoleum areas. All flowers on Crypts or Niches must be placed in Cemetery approved vase units. Floral arrangements are not permitted that encroach on other Crypt or Niche fronts. Decorations, cards, pictures, stickers, tape or other material may not be affixed to the Crypt or Niche front. The Cemetery, without notice to the Owner, reserves the right to remove any decoration from a Crypt or Niche that, in management's judgment, is inappropriate.
  11. The Cemetery is not responsible for items that are missing or stolen from a Grave location.

Holy Redeemer Cemetery

  1. All floral arrangements (artificial and natural) placed on a Grave space, Niche or Crypt must be in a Catholic Cemetery approved vase. Any floral arrangement not in an approved vase will be removed. All markers must have a vase hole. The Cemetery may remove any floral decoration as soon as, in the Management's judgment, it becomes unsightly or diseased, or when deemed necessary for proper maintenance of the Cemetery.
  2. Placing vigil lights, candles, boxes, cans, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, signs, cards, ads, chairs, non-approved vases, glass, wood or iron cases, concrete urns, potted plants, pictures, or any article other than Cemetery approved vases (with artificial and/or natural flowers only) upon a Grave space is not permitted. Decorations on surrounding trees and shrubs are not permitted. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any article without notice to the Burial Right Owner.
  3. Floral stands, wreath, baskets and other floral tributes, which are part of floral offerings at the time of interment, will be left for a period of three (3) days.
  4. During the holiday periods (Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Memorial Day, All Souls Day, Christmas), flower grave decorations are allowed from seven (7) days preceding the holiday until seven (7) days after the holiday.
  5. Granite chips, marble chips, gravel, stone, cement, trenching or other types of artificial borders around the grave space will not be permitted.
  6. The Cemetery retains the right to remove and not replace trees, shrubs/plants that may encroach on Burial Spaces, become unsightly, diseased or damaged by accident or weather.
  7. Memorials of any kind, vases, trees, shrubs or any plants may not be installed or planted by anyone other than the Cemetery without written consent by the Executive Director.
  8. The Cemetery is not responsible for items that are missing or stolen from a Grave location.
  9. Photographs, souvenirs, wreaths, flags, or other emblems are not permitted in the mausoleum and niche columbarium. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove them without notice to the Owner.
  10. On the first Tuesday of each month in a general Cemetery clean up, all flowers will be removed from Graves, Niches and Crypts.